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Professional English Proofreading Service

Dr Proofread

Proofreading Services Careless spelling and grammatical mistakes can spoil a professional image. We can make sure that your documents accurately and fluently represent your hard work and the quality of your research, product or services. So, whether you write customer service letters, reports or academic papers or if you are submitting your dissertation, we guarantee that you will be pleased with the results of our editing.

Why choose our proofreading service?

Many spelling and grammar checking tools do not pick up on incorrect usage, for example, an electronic tool may not realise that their should be there.

The members of the Document Doctor proofreading team are all editors who have many years of hands-on experience dealing with various document types. Whether academic papers, such as essays and dissertations, or business documents, such as letters and reports, you can be sure your document will receive expert attention.

We examine your documents for:

Accuracy Spelling Punctuation Grammar

Dr Edit: If you want your document edited for internal consistency, clarity and word choice, please go to our full, in-depth editing and re-writing service page.
Dr Plain Legal: Our legal language experts provide legal proofreading service for legal document.

Premium Service
English Proof-reading
For last minute work and emergencies, we provide a premium rate 24 hour return service. Contact us
Dr Write
professional English writing servicesStuck for words? Visit our writing services page. We can write your documents from scratch to your specifications.

Our range of proofreading services

Academic proofreading services
We provide an academic proofreading service for any thesis, essay or report in any subject.

Business proofreading services
Whatever you have to write to keep your business running smoothly, we can make sure that your documents are clear and error free. We can proofread your reports, brochures, leaflets and standard letters and customer service letters. Don't let grammatical mistakes detract from your company's professional image.

How we charge for our proofreading service

Free estimate and Sample edit
The cost depends on the size and type of the document and the level of editing required. Send us your documents in confidence. We will re-write a section and give you an estimate cost for the rest of your work.

We offer a 10% discount to non-profit organisations, such as local government and charities.

Payment methods
We accept cheques and banker's drafts in UK sterling and Paypal.
payment for proofreading service

What you get

Quality proofreading service
We guarantee that you will receive an error-free final document.

Fast proofreading service
Our editors have many years of hands-on experience dealing with various document types. This means that we work quickly and efficiently. We guarantee that you will receive your edited document to your deadline.

Edit any document format
We can edit paper or electronically in any text editable format and we highlight the changes to show you exactly what we've done.

Complete satisfaction
We guarantee that you will not be disappointed in our proofreading work.

We guarantee to treat everything you send us in the strictest confidence. Once we have finished the work and sent you our edits, we shred the documents on our system.

Custom made writing guidelines
While proofreading your text, we can analyse your weakness in grammar and provide you with tailor-made guidelines to help your future writing. We charge an additional fee for this service.

Write with confidence!
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